Overwintering Pest Treatments

You asked and we listened!

We are once again providing exterior barrier treatment to your home or business for the unwanted pests pictured below!


One-time Overwintering Pest Treatment

Reduces the over wintering pests population.

Our exterior barrier treatment interrupts the breeding cycle of these wintering pests and also reduces the level of activity throughout the season.

We are offering the overwintering pest elimination for the selected group of insects before they make your home their winter vacation home!

Here are some fall pest-proofing techniques that can help with preventing the aggravation of infestations:

  • Seal or caulk all cracks and crevices around foundation, siding, doors, window, electrical, and plumbing.

  • Repair torn screens.

  • Keep gutters cleaned out. Pests make homes out of the built up debris.


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